10 Extremely Weird Things That Have Washed up on the Worlds Beaches

Davy Jones has been hoarding some wild things in his locker.

Shells. Driftwood. Trash. These items all wash up frequently on shorelines around the world. But what about the truly, headline-making bizarre trinkets? From plastic Garfield phones in France to ancient tombstones in San Francisco, here are 10 examples of jaw-dropping discoveries that locals were puzzled to find—and theories of just how they got there. Some of the mysteries were solved, others not quite yet. We already know that seas and oceans are vast but when you read through these stories you’ll be reminded of the fact that the earth is filled with bodies of water that, like intricate puzzle pieces, keep us connected.

10 Travel Buys That Are Essential for Your Post-Pandemic Vacation Peacocking

All dressed up and everywhere to go.

Over the years, you’ve likely given some thought to curating the essentials you pack for everything from an extended stay to a quick getaway. Carefully selecting items for their versatility and timeless qualities. But, after a long, year-plus of a hermit-like existence hidden away from the world, who wants to blend in right now? For your first post-pandemic, post-vaccination vacation add a little (or a lot of) pizazz to your travel go-to’s. We’re talkin’ bold prints, striking colors, shimmering rhinestones—basically, if it looks like it was made out of a Real Housewives reunion dress, we’re adding-to-cart.

I Set Sail to Follow Odysseus’ Journey–Here’s Where I Landed

“Sing to me of the man, Muse, the man of twists and turns…driven time and again off course, once he had plundered the hallowed heights of Troy.”

I’ve always been fascinated by The Odyssey and the awesome voyage of Odysseus, all the magical spots he visited, and the strange creatures he bumped into while sailing from burning Troy back home to his weeping lonely wife. He’s the first savvy globetrotter of mankind. Figuring out where exactly in the Mediterranean his magical wanderings took place may seem like a head-splitting riddle. But in time scholars and geographers, helped by Homer’s tips, have located a few spots in Italy. So I set off along Odysseus’ trail relying also on amazing “alternative readings” of the epic poem. Here’s where I landed: most are remote, unknown atolls you’ve never heard of.

How 10 European Countries Celebrate the First of May

Grab your white caps and start up the bonfire because spring is in full swing!

Over the centuries, people throughout Europe have been celebrating the chill of early spring being replaced with the oncoming warmth and bounty of summer. Many of these traditions may have changed in name or details over the years but they all have one thing in common—they all give people a reason to party.

10 Unexpected Places in the United States for Wildlife Lovers

The U.S. is home to some incredible and unique wildlife.

The United States has incredible diversity in both landscapes and natural life. From glaciers, geysers, marine ecosystems, and rich plant life that sustains incredible flora and fauna, there are so many ways to explore both nature and wildlife. Somehow most travelers tend to gravitate toward the most popular and known areas. But there are many lesser-known areas that are a wildlife lover’s delight like epic bird migrations to viewing endangered species like manatees in the wild. And the best part is that many of these places are on public lands, accessible to all.