15 Gold Buildings That Really Exist Around the World

All that glitters is indeed gold.

Who doesn’t like shiny things? People have been swayed by glittering beads, shimmering gold, and twinkling gems throughout history, giving up land, possessions, even their freedom to take hold of a dazzling trophy. Fairy tales have been written, and legends told about mythical gold cities, kings, and legendary sights, pandering to our interest in everything glossy and polished. When traveling the world, it’s often natural beauty that takes our breath away, but a close second is a sight that glitters golden in the sunshine and makes us gasp with admiration. More often than not, whatever glitters is not real gold, but there are some stunning sights around the globe that truly are what they seem: real gold. To discover these true gems, read on.

The Best Beaches in the U.S. That Are Nowhere Near the Ocean

Experience America's best beaches sans saltwater.

When most people think of booking travels for a “beach trip,” they traditionally think of destinations located along the coast. What many people don’t realize is there are a plethora of hidden beaches across the U.S. that aren’t necessarily oceanic–but still just as beautiful. Here are 15 of the best beaches across the U.S.–with no ocean in sight.