Alaska and Canada – Aleutian Islands, Bears and Inside Passage

03/19/2019 through 09/07/2019
03/19/2019 through 09/27/2019

Alaska and Canada – Aleutian Islands, Bears and Inside Passage

This exciting voyage begins in polar waters, sailing among glaciers, wildlife and tundra, and progresses towards warmer ports with fascinating cultures. Our cutting-edge explorer ship weaves southbound through islands and fjords, seeking out horned puffins, brown bears, hardy indigenous cultures, fascinating fossil forests and volcanoes.

No Place like Nome

Nome was the end point for two of Roald Amundsen’s expeditions and it is the starting point for ours! The great Norwegian explorer completed his crossing of the Northwest Passage in 1906 in Nome and this was a landing place for his first flight over the North Pole in an airship. We will bring you to this fascinating Alaskan frontier town by air, before boarding MS Roald Amundsen.

Coastal Alaska at its Most Remote

Our first days will be spent exploring the Bering Sea Wilderness. We aim to do our first landing at Saint Matthew Island, situated right in the middle of the Bering Sea, between Alaska and Siberia.

At the island of St. Paul, we will encounter a wildlife lovers’ paradise. Northern fur seals live in the waters surrounding the island that is itself a breeding ground to many different species of sea birds and an important stop-off place for migratory species.

Islands, Villages and Bears

Next, we reach the Aleutian chain. Look at any map of the world and this sinuous archipelago seemingly at the edge of the world draws the eye, beckoning to explorers. Our first stop is Dutch Harbor, home to the fishing fleet featured in the “Deadliest Catch”. The area features the Mount Makushin volcano, a World War II center and wonderful green scenery atop steep cliffs.

You will also get the chance to visit Unga village, an eerie ghost town with picturesque village ruins.

We hope to see brown bears on this voyage, and you should keep a particularly sharp eye out in Kinak Bay in the Katmai National Park for the predators.

Russian and Native American interaction can be explored at Kodiak. The area has a history of fur traders from Russia and the Russian influence remains here in the form of a beautiful Russian Orthodox Church.

Stunning Southeast Alaska

After crossing the Gulf of Alaska, we arrive on the northern reaches of the Inside Passage region. Our ice-strengthened ship will venture through Disenchantment Bay and cruise along the spectacular Hubbard Glacier so that you can enjoy the many shapes and colors of the icebergs.

Alaska’s inside passage boasts lush forest scenery and fjords full with life. It is also home to native Alaskan cultures whose history is reflected in towering totem poles. At Icy Strait Point, we will learn about the Tlingit culture and enjoy a wide range of activity options.

Our next stops, Sitka and Ketchikan, are larger ports where you can explore cultural and historical highlights, learn about the rich Alaskan native presence, and visit fine galleries, restaurants, museums and shops. Still, wild Alaska is not far away with plenty of chances to hike through the forest and scan for wildlife.

Cosmopolitan Vancouver

After a wonderfully peaceful day at sea, we arrive in Vancouver where our expedition ends. Canada’s third largest city offers plenty to see and do. Several museums and art galleries cater for all tastes and there is a lively arts and music scene to enjoy.


Day 1 Vancouver, Canada
Day 2 Nome, Alaska
Day 3 At sea
Day 4 St. Matthew Island
Day 5 St. Paul
Day 6 At sea
Day 7 Dutch Harbor
Day 8 Unga Village
Day 9 At sea
Day 10 Kinak Bay
Day 11 Kodiak
Day 12 At sea
Day 13 Cruising the Hubbard Glacier
Day 14 Icy Strait Point
Day 15 Sitka
Day 16 Ketchikan
Day 17 At sea
Day 18 Vancouver, Canada

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